Inspection & Testing Devices

HEIDENHAIN encoders deliver all of the information needed for adjustment, initial configuration, and monitoring. Our inspection and testing devices leverage these data for machine acceptance testing, functionality testing, and extensive diagnostics.

HEIDENHAIN offers testing and inspection devices that deliver all setup, monitoring, and diagnostic data needed for the analysis of its encoders. Grid encoders from HEIDENHAIN are ideal for machine tool inspection and acceptance testing, accurately measuring CNC machine tool movements in both static and dynamic inspection.

Testing of Encoders

Testing and inspection devices for encoder analysis: inspection devices can be used universally with low measuring tolerances, can be calibrated, and can be linked into the closed control loop. Testing devices are primarily used for the adjustment of encoders and testing of their correct operation.

Testing of Machine Tools

The tolerance conformity and surface quality of workpieces mainly depend on the accuracy of CNC machine tool movements. These can be measured exactly with grid encoders for static and dynamic testing of the positioning and contouring behavior of CNC machine tools.

Machine Tool Testing from Heidenhain