Digital Readout Systems

Position Display Units

Position display units serve to visualize the values measured with linear encoders, length gauges, rotary encoders or angle encoders. Areas of application include:

  • Position display unit from HeidenhainMeasuring and inspection equipment
  • Dividing apparatus
  • Monitoring of measuring equipment
  • Manual machine tools
  • Measuring machines

Position displays from HEIDENHAIN are designed to be highly user-friendly. Typical characteristics are:

  • Highly readable, alphanumeric display
  • Simple, logically arranged keypad
  • Ergonomically designed push-button keys
  • Splash-protected front panel
  • Sturdy die-cast housing

Most position display units feature a data interface for further processing in the higher-level electronics or simply to print out the measured values.

Interface Electronics

Interface electronics from HEIDENHAIN adapt the encoder signals to the interface of the subsequent electronics.

Heidenhain encoder digital display