Touch Probes for Machine Tools

3-D touch probes from HEIDENHAIN were conceived for use on machine tools – in particular milling machines and machining centres. 3-D touch probes help to save costs: NC controls can automatically run setup, measuring and verification tasks – and most controls can also run them under program control.

Measuring Workpieces

The stylus of a TS three-dimensional touch trigger probe is deflected upon contact with a workpiece surface. This releases a trigger signal in the TS that is transmitted to the control either through a cable (TS 220 and TS 230) or as an infrared light signal (TS 7xx, TS 6xx, TS 4xx). The control simultaneously saves the actual position values as measured by the machine axis encoders, and uses this information for further processing.

Measuring Tools

With the TT 140 three-dimensional triggering touch probe, the contact plate is deflected from its rest position, sending a trigger signal to the NC control, during probing of the stationary or rotating tool.

The TL laser systems operate without any contact. A laser beam probes the length, diameter or contour of the tool. Special measuring cycles in the NC control evaluate the information.

Touch probes from Heidenhain