Angle Encoders

Angle encoderHEIDENHAIN angle encoders are characterized by high accuracy values in the arc second range and better.

Examples of applications include:

  • Rotary tables on machine tools
  • Swivel heads on machine tools
  • C axes on lathes
  • Gear-testing machines
  • Printing units of printing machines
  • Spectrometers
  • Telescopes

Angle Encoders with Integral Bearing

HEIDENHAIN angle encoders Featuring very high system accuracies, angle encoders with an integral bearing are ideal for demanding applications such as machine tools and printing machines. Thanks to the built-in bearing, the measuring accuracy of the encoder does not depend on the machine's bearing.

Modular Angle Encoders

These angle encoders can be perfectly matched to the application, offering a choice of optical or magnetic scanning and numerous combinations of circular scales, scale drums, and scanning heads.

Angle Encoder Modules

The optimal interplay between these angle encoders and their high-precision bearings results in high measurement and bearing accuracy, very high resolution, exceptional repeatability, and the added benefit of easy installation.

Heidenhain angle encoders in use