Position Display Units

Heidenhain positional display unitsBy retrofitting your manually operated machine tools or measuring equipment with digital readouts from HEIDENHAIN, you've made a decision for increased productivity, higher precision and more operating ease.

Regardless of whether you're installing on new equipment or retrofitting machines already in operation, HEIDENHAIN digital readouts can easily be retrofitted to any model of machine or type of equipment, whatever the application and number of displayed axes.

Save time and reduce cost

Digital readouts from HEIDENHAIN will save you valuable time. The distance-to-go display allows you to move swiftly to the next nominal position, simply by traversing to the display value zero. Or, you can use the function for setting multiple reference points to enter position values quickly and without tedious calculation work.

To enable you to machine directly from the dimensions in the drawing, digital readouts offer the following support:

  • Switching between absolute/incremental dimensioning
  • Radius/diameter switching (for lathes)
  • Aids for fast reference-point acquisition

positional display units