Controlling Machine Tools

The TNC Controls for Milling Machines and Machining Centres:

  • Form a complete product line with their various features
  • Control machines with up to 13 axes
  • Their plain-language programming capability is suited for the workshop floor
  • Can also be programmed externally
  • Are also suited for automated production
  • Are the correct choice for everything from simple milling procedures to high-speed milling

The MANUALplus 620 — The contouring control for lathes:

  • Ideal for both CNC and cycle lathes
  • Enables the familiar manual production of simple workpieces
  • Supports programming with many cycles
  • Its smart.Turn feature offers form and graphics-supported programming for complicated workpieces
  • Performs complementary milling and drilling operations in a single fixture
  • Also supports vertical lathes
  • Suited for digital or analogue drive control

milling machine control